Supplier Terms and Conditions

When accepting this purchase order, the supplier accepts all requirements including flow down to their sub-tier suppliers from the following terms and conditions.  Any deviation requires written approval from AESG prior to accepting the purchase order.  If there are any discrepancies in the Purchase Order, please notify AESG immediately.

The supplier must flow down all the following applicable requirements and key characteristics to their sub-tier suppliers.

Suppliers shall have a quality management system with controlled processes that include.

  • A process for control of non-conforming products
  • A process for controlling limited shelf-life items
  • Process controls to prevent use of counterfeit parts
  • A program to prevent FOD (Foreign object debris)
  • A process to ensure traceability documentation is maintained
  • Ensuring that personnel performing maintenance repair, overhaul services, and release of articles are qualified and certified in accordance with applicable authority and flow-down requirements.
  • Supplier(s) must ensure their personnel are aware of:
    • Their contribution to product or service conformity.
    • Their contribution to product safety.
    • The importance of ethical behavior.
  • A process in place to ensure retention of records for a minimum of 7 years unless otherwise agreed upon.

If the supplier has knowledge of nonconforming products, either before or after delivery, the supplier must contact AESG to potentially get approval for shipment of the nonconforming product.

PMA parts are not accepted by AESG.

The supplier must immediately notify AESG if there have been any changes in the product, services and/or manufacturing process, including any changes to your suppliers or location of manufacturing.  AESG must approve the changes prior to shipment.

When requested, the supplier must grant access to AESG, our customer, and any regulatory authorities to all supplier facilities and all applicable records involved in executing the PO.

Repair/Overhaul/Calibration suppliers: At a minimum, shall have a quality management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001, FAA Cert,  NIST, or ISO 17025.

PLEASE NOTE: Sub-contracting of any item on this purchase order is not authorized without AESGs pre-approval.