Research and Development Engineering:

We provide custom software design and system integration for ATE development in the avionics and electronics test field. Utilizing readily available and current technologies, AES can design new test solutions and recommend upgrades to obsolescence test equipment. Also, AES specializes in system integration into existing systems in order to support or supplement existing test methodologies and processes. AES will work with our customers to determine and develop the best solutions for your needs. We are committed to ensuring quality, cost effective and suitable solutions in order to benefit your industry needs.

Technical Support and Training:

As a custom software design and systems integrator for ATE development, AES offers a variety of training classes (onsite / in-house) that ensures the operators and users are well informed of the systems functions and capabilities. Technical training includes theory, operation, and troubleshooting of our ATE systems, TPS development, etc. AES is committed to providing our customers with excellent support and is ready to offer assistance, please contact us.